Friday, 26 July 2013

Au revoir, les balloches !!

Ages and ages ago I wrote about translating song titles as a way of learning new vocabulary..... but being a mere beginner then I didn't actually put any examples on there....  but why stick at songs... you can have great fun and learn a lot on the way by translating book, film, album and song titles into French. So long as you choose stuff you like, or daft things, or both, you have a really good chance of remembering them ...which is, of course, good. 

Plus, it's the sort of quick "capsule task" you can do in an odd moment while waiting for paint to dry, or the slack time between royal babies. 

Of course, there are limits .... avenues you might not wish to explore ....

Strangely, balloches is a feminine plural (slang) noun. Seems rather odd. Still, it makes a great title doesn't it ?!

I know you all like to have an example or two just in case you haven't quite got the idea, plus, it's an opportunity for me to make a complete donkey of myself by getting something wrong. 
When you try doing this yourself, which I hope you will,  I can assure you that some of them  can take a bit of thinking about..... and there's often a spot of grammar to think about too...

Tubular Bells .....  Cloches Tubulaires

Bleak House   ....  La Maison Morne  ( tricky choice for bleak .... I think this one is best)

A Clockwork Orange ..... Une Orange Mouvemente

Heaven's Gate .....La Barriere De Paradis  ( lots of possibilities for "gate")

 Easy Card Tricks  ..... Les Tours de Cartes faciles   ( tricks? easy ? )


Soft Machine ....Machine Moue  ( lots of choices for "soft" )

Hunky Dory .......    Chouette !   ou Sant-Pierre Seduisant ( pas de rire !)

War and Peace .......  La Guerre et La Paix

 Free Offer.... all corrections, arguments, complaints about lapses of grammar, vocabulary, taste etc are welcome as a comment or to

As a free extra service, here's  a few more books you might not want to remember ... 




I might give them a go though ..... but first, a spot of musique .... and I'm amazed, gobsmacked etc that I have only put a measly 1 Daisybox song on the blog, and that was ages ago. SO ...... here's Daisybox with the very fine La Lune .... live !!

Parole de La Lune:
(Olivier Nicolas/Daisybox)

J'ai rendez-vous sur la lune
Un instant, je m'allume
Et je t'emmène avec moi
J'aimerais revoir tes yeux
Mais je l'avoue je n'ai d'yeux
Que pour le bout de tes doigts
Et puisqu'il n'y a plus rien à moi
Puisque tout au fond de toi
Je suis perdu dans tes bras
Eteins tout, tais-toi
J'ai rendez-vous sur la lune
Un instant, je m'allume
Et je t'emmène avec moi
Un petit bout d'amertume
Après tout je n'en ai qu'une
Elle est toujours, toujours là



  1. I can hardly believe that a post entitled "goobye testicles" had not attracted a single measly comment... so I wrote on myself. This is it!!

  2. I think the readers were a bit irked that you didn't tackle the translations of "Invisible Dick" , "Fart Proudly" and that one about the long journey of a turd. Admit it, ray, you were indeed remiss!!.